At Wombat English, learn English from native instructors in English using the Complete Total Immersion method.

In response to globalisation, even elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools, are changing to content that emphasises communication skills in English. In addition to memorising English, we will actively use the English you have learned. Let’s improve your four skills of “listening”, “speaking”, “reading” and “writing” and enable you to use real practical English!


The Wombat English system,

  • Is a fixed class of up to 4 people.
  • Is curriculum based.
  • Is based on CEFR compliant textbooks, using auxiliary teaching materials and the latest technology.
  • Uses communication skills in English and aims to raise “critical thinking”.
  • Is based on a monthly tuition system. You can withdraw anytime (without penalty).


Children’s course

(Nenchu to Chu 3)

★ April 2020 Start. New year students wanted! 
Please try our free trial lesson. If you wish to join, you can start taking classes in classes that are divided by grade.

※ The course will start in April, but you can join at any time.

General course

(High School students to Adults)

In the free trial lesson we will ask the customer’s wishes and what is their prior learning. There will then be a level check of their English and we will guide you to the course suitable for you.
※ You can join at any time.