Business English – Level 3

Market-Leader-2-Textbook_350x500The Wombat English, Business English Course – Level 3, is our standard Business English course for lower advanced students. This is a 48 lesson long course that covers vocabulary, grammar, listening, and communication. Using contemporary English, business cases studies, and authentic business materials, each chapter explores a new and interesting topic. For the Business English Course – Level 3, we use the Market Leader Intermediate textbook.

The Wombat English, Business English Course – Level 3  is structured around 3 lessons of study, followed by a case study lesson. In the case study lesson, you will use the language and skills learned from the previous study lessons. Each case study lesson will put you in the position of having to make a business decision. You may need to justify, or debate your reasons for making a particular choice. At other times you may need to work as a team to solve a difficult business problem. We will then compare our solutions with that of the business experts in the video case studies.

Prior to enrolment, Wombat English requires all prospective students for this course to visit our school for a free assessment, and individual trial lesson to determine if The Wombat English, Business English Course – Level 3 is suitable for your needs. The assessment and trial lesson will take approximately 40 minutes. Being a Business English course, this course focuses mainly business language. The Wombat English, Business English Course – Level 3 requires a certain level of General English ability to be successfully completed on a first attempt. Depending on your existing English ability, Wombat English may recommend a co-enrolment in a Wombat English, General English Course, or that you complete a Wombat English, General English Course prior to enrolment in The Wombat English, Business English Course – Level 3.

It is recommended to have completed the Wombat English, General English Course – Level 4 or the Wombat English, Business English Course – Level 4 prior to enrolment. Only potential students that have been assessed by Wombat English as having a level of existing English ability equivalent to or better than the Wombat English, General English Course – Level 4 or the Wombat English, Business English Course – Level 4 can enrol in this course.


Course Program

BrandsWeek 1Discussion, Text Study
Week 2Discussion, Text Study
Week 3Discussion, Text Study
Week 4Business Case Study
TravelWeek 5Discussion, Text Study
Week 6Discussion, Text Study
Week 7Discussion, Text Study
Week 8Business Case Study
ChangeWeek 9Discussion, Text Study
Week 10Discussion, Text Study
Week 11Discussion, Text Study
Week 12Business Case Study
OrganizationWeek 13Discussion, Text Study
Week 14Discussion, Text Study
Week 15Discussion, Text Study
Week 16Business Case Study
AdvertisingWeek 17Discussion, Text Study
Week 18Discussion, Text Study
Week 19Discussion, Text Study
Week 20Business Case Study
MoneyWeek 21Discussion, Text Study
Week 22Discussion, Text Study
Week 23Discussion, Text Study
Week 24Business Case Study
CulturesWeek 25Discussion, Text Study
Week 26Discussion, Text Study
Week 27Discussion, Text Study
Week 28Business Case Study
Human ResourcesWeek 29Discussion, Text Study
Week 30Discussion, Text Study
Week 31Discussion, Text Study
Week 32Business Case Study
International MarketsWeek 33Discussion, Text Study
Week 34Discussion, Text Study
Week 35Discussion, Text Study
Week 36Business Case Study
EthicsWeek 37Discussion, Text Study
Week 38Discussion, Text Study
Week 39Discussion, Text Study
Week 40Business Case Study
LeadershipWeek 41Discussion, Text Study
Week 42Discussion, Text Study
Week 43Discussion, Text Study
Week 44Business Case Study
CompetitionWeek 45Discussion, Text Study
Week 46Discussion, Text Study
Week 47Discussion, Text Study
Week 48
Business Case Study