Children’s Course – Chu 1

¥30,000 税込

Includes Annual Fee and Tuition!

  • Registration Fee

  • Facilities Fee

  • Materials Fee

  • Textbook - My Next Grammar 1 (2nd Ed)

  • Children's Course Tuition (Initial 1 Month)




Includes annual fee, and tuition fees!

The Children’s Course – Chu 1 is our standard package for junior high school children in grade 1.

Each lesson in The Children’s Course – Chu 1 is 50 minutes long. All communication between your child and the native teacher will be in English. Because each child is different, at Wombat English, we limit class sizes to a maximum of 4 students. This enables the instructor to spend more child with each individual student.

The Children’s Course – Chu 1, is a 1 year long course, divided into 45 lessons.

As with all Wombat English children’s courses, the Children’s Course – Chu 1 contains Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The Children’s Course – Chu 1 course includes an increased focus on English grammar and English conversation ability.