Group General English Course – Level 7

¥32,000 税込

Includes Annual Fee and Tuition!

General English Course - Level 7 - Annual Fee

¥20,000 税込

General English Course Tuition (4 Lessons)

¥12,000 税込


Includes annual fee, and 4 lessons of tuition fees!

The Wombat English, General English Course – Level 7, is our standard General English course for advanced beginner students.

Each lesson in Wombat English, General English Course – Level 7 is 50 minutes long. The class is led by a native English Instructor. To help foster your ability, the classroom is a total English environment. Because each person is different, at Wombat English, we limit class sizes to a maximum of 4 students. This enables the instructor to spend more time with each individual student, while still maintaining the benefits of group learning.

This is a 48 lesson long course that covers vocabulary, grammar, listening, and communication. The Wombat English, General English Course – Level 7 is structured around 3 lessons of study, followed by a video lesson. In the video lesson, you will use the language and skills learned from the previous study lessons. Each video lesson is focused around discussing the video, and opinions and ideas. You may need to explain your reasoning, debate a point of view, or come to a group consensus.

Prior to enrolment, Wombat English requires all prospective students for this course to visit our school for a free assessment, and individual trial lesson to determine if the Wombat English, General English Course – Level 7 is suitable for your needs. The assessment and trial lesson will take approximately 40 minutes.

Included is:

  • World English – 1 textbook.
  • Annual Fee.
  • Contribution towards facilities maintenance.
  • 4 lessons of tuition.

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