Security and Wombat English – Part 1 – HTTPS

At Wombat English, we take customer information security seriously. Today we would like to talk about HTTPS and how we use it to ensure your security.

What is HTTPS ?

HTTPS is a secure way to communicate with websites on the Internet. All websites that have personal information should use it. HTTPS is used to provided confidentiality – only you, and the person you are communicating with should be able to read your messages. Internet traffic is like post cards. Every computer it passes through can read it. Using HTTPS is like putting the post card in a secure envelope before posting. Only the receiving computer can read it.

How does Wombat English use HTTPS ?

All pages on are secured with high strength, modern encryption. This means that nobody can access the information sent from your phone or computer to the Wombat English servers. Some companies only secure the ordering page. Other companies do not secure any pages!

How do I know I am using HTTPS ?

In the address bar of your web browser you can see our website address begins https:// it may also have a little lock picture beside it. We have some example pictures below, using the Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

https-chrome https-firefox https-edge

How secure is Wombat English ?

An independent company SSL Labs analysed the Wombat English website, and graded us A+, the highest possible. You can check out current rating here anytime.

Wombat English Security Rating

How does that compare with other trusted organisations ?

Mizuho Bank – Online Banking System. Rated C.  This is not a good score, particularly for a bank that has lots of sensitive personal information. It is also vulnerable to security attacks. You can check their rating here anytime.

Mizuho Bank Security Rating

SMBC – Online Banking System.  Rated C. This is not a good score, particularly for a bank that has lots of sensitive personal information. They use weak security as their first choice. You can check their ratings here anytime.

SMBC Security Rating

MUFG – Online Banking System. Rated F. This is the lowest possible score. This is completely insecure. You can check their ratings here anytime.

MUFJ Security Rating

PayPal – This is the company that Wombat English uses for Credit Card transactions. Rated A+. They are as secure as Wombat English. You can check their ratings here anytime.

PayPal Security Rating

National Tax Agency – e-Tax System. Rated A. The e-Tax system is almost as secure as Wombat English. This is well done. You can check their ratings here anytime.

National Tax Agency Security Rating

Golden Week 2015

Wombat English would like to wish all our customers a wonderful Golden Week Holiday.

Wombat English will be closed from Wednesday April 29 to Wednesday May 6 inclusive.

We will reopen on Thursday May 7.


The Wombat English Team

2015 March Children’s Textbooks

Dear Customers,

As the new school year is about to begin, there has been a high demand for Children’s textbooks.

Because of this demand, the textbook publishers have informed us that they can no longer guarantee Children’s textbooks ordered from today, will arrive within 7 days.

Wombat English does have some stock of Children’s textbooks, but delays of new orders can be expected. Photocopies will be used in class for any delayed textbooks.

Your understanding is appreciated.


The Wombat English Team

Hello and welcome to Wombat English!


On behalf of all the staff here at Wombat English, we would like to welcome you to our school.
We offer Children’s, General and Business English lessons, in our cosy school. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 4 people.

As a reminder, Children’s English classes begin in April. Enrol now to avoid disappointment! See more details, including prices and curriculum on our website at


The Wombat English team.