Wallaby Course – Level Nencho

Wallaby_Course_Steps_Nencho_400x300At Wombat English, we offer a range of different children’s English courses. Our standard package for preschool children aged 5 to 6 is called the Wallaby Course – Level Nencho.

The focus of the Wallaby Course – Level Nencho is to introduce your child to English in a fun and relaxing environment. At Wombat English we understand that a child’s first experiences are very important. As a result our Wallaby Course – Level Nencho is structured to provide your child with the feeling that learning English is fun, while gradually increasing their ability and their confidence to use English.

Each lesson in The Wallaby Course – Level Nencho is 50 minutes long. The class is led by a native English Instructor. To help foster your child’s English ability, the classroom is a total English environment. All communication between your child and the teacher will be in English. Because each child is different, at Wombat English, we limit class sizes to a maximum of 4 students. This enables the instructor to spend more child with each individual student.

The Wallaby Course – Level Nencho, is a 1 year long course, divided into 48 lessons. The Wallaby Course – Level Nencho, is divided into 4 terms of 8 regular lessons, 1 review lesson, 1 end of term examination and 1 special event lesson. The special event lesson is designed to introduce your child to foreign culture. For the Wallaby Course – Level Nencho, our special event lessons are special events celebrated in different countries. In addition we have a mid term and full term examinations, so you can see your child’s progress.

Building upon the foundations laid in the Wallaby Course – Level Nenchu, the Wallaby Course – Level Nencho includes the second stage of our 7 stage English foundations materials, and introduces the first stage of our 5 stage phonics booster. With this additional focus on phonics in each lesson, your child can master each of the sounds in the English language. Prior completion of the Wallaby Course – Level Nenchu is not required for enrolment in the Wallaby Course – Level Nencho.

As with all Wombat English children’s courses, the Wallaby Course – Level Nencho contains Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The Wallaby Course – Level Nencho course is designed to mimic how native English speakers acquire English, by focusing primarily on speaking and listening. The bulk of each lesson is designed to enhance these skills, preparing your child for further study.

Upon successful completion of the Wallaby Course – Level Nencho, your child will be well equipped for the Wallaby Course – Level Sho 1.

The Wallaby Course – Level Nencho uses the Everybody Up – 1 textbook, the Everybody Up – 1 workbook, the Oxford Phonics World 1 textbook, and the Oxford Phonics World 1 workbook. This is included in the yearly materials fee.

Wallaby Course - Level Nencho textbookWallaby Course - Level Nencho workbookWallaby Course - Level Nencho Phonics textbookWallaby Course - Level Nencho Phonics workbook


Course Program

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